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Why Should you Get a Health Check even when you’re Healthy

Why is Health Check-Up Important?

A regular health check can inform you on the state of your health and is a good screening tool for early detection of any health issues. Human body functioning is a complex machinery of diverse physiology systems that are constantly operating and at different scales involving different tools and mechanisms. 

It is not easy to comprehend this, but consider an example of a running car, that has multiple mechanisms working at the same time. To name a few; A fuel tank, fuel line that supplies fuel, a combustion chamber that is constantly burning fuel to provide energy for mechanical mechanisms to work, a gear box that is constantly engaging with the gears to allow energy to be transmitted to the wheels. Within all these parameters of a standard car’s functioning, if any mechanisms mal-function or fail to function, the car would experience faults or stop functioning. Hence, it is a commonly understood phenomenon to perform regular maintenance service on your car. At any such service event, A mechanic would perform a diagnostic test on the car to ensure mechanisms are functioning as they are expected to.

Similarly with the human body, regular health check-ups are your opportunity to review your health on a timely basis allowing the Doctors an opportunity to detect and diagnose any ill-health issues.

What is a Regular Health Check-Up

A regular health check-up involves a review of your body functioning by a qualified medical practitioner. The process is comprehensive and involves analysis of your entire body systems including but not limited to muscular, neurological, systemic, psychosocial, gastrointestinal, urological, respiratory, ophthalmology, and internal organ health. A standard Health Check-Up will involve subjective understanding and answers to some lifestyle factors by the patient, a diagnostic assessment by the doctor using medical equipment, and some screening blood tests.

How Often Should you get a Health Check-Up

Modern medicine has advanced significantly allowing doctors to screen, detect and investigate health issues at an early stage. Particularly hereditary or familial illnesses can be detected in their early stages through molecular, genetic or blood screening. It is recommended that all adults consider having an annual health assessment or at a frequency advised by their treating doctor. Annual assessments are recommended for those who have family members suffering from chronic diseases; such as diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, heart disease, arthritis, etc. People above age 60 or with pre-existing chronic illness should also consider a bi-annual check-up to ensure their health is maintained at its optimum. To enquire more about the frequency of your health check-ups or your health in general, we recommend you see your regular General Practitioner or General Physician. 

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