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Frequently Asked Questions Night Doctors Will Ask You

1300 Dr To Me – After Hours Home Doctor is an RACGP accredited medical deputising service in Western Australia. 1300 Dr To Me provides night doctors service where a doctor visits you during after-hours to provide medical care at your home. Doctor’s home visits are fully bulk-billed for valid Medicare & DVA card holders (no out of pocket charge); private fees apply for non-eligible patients.

Our night doctors cover home visits in Perth metropolitan area with short waiting periods for urgent appointments. Our night doctors are also equipped with diagnostic and treatment supplies to assist you in prompt recovery from your condition. Where applicable, our night doctors will also provide you with overnight supply of medications free of charge.

Here is a list of questions that our night doctors may ask you;

 1- Valid Medicare or DVA Card

Our night doctor teams will enquire about your validity of Medicare and, or DVA Card. It is recommended that you have your Medicare and/or DVA card handy before the doctor visits you at home. Your card will also be sighted to refer you for further investigations and to right PBS eligible scripts for patients. If you have a health-care card, we recommend that you also present this to the doctor to assist them in their management of your illness.

 2- Medical and Family History

Our night doctors provide home visits when you are unable to see your regular GP. Hence, our doctors may not have access or be aware of your relevant medical history. Our night doctors will enquire about your past medical history, lapsed and ongoing conditions. Please assist the doctor with producing documentation from your GP, or a recent hospital discharge where applicable. Being comprehensive about your past medical and family history will assist our night doctors to determine the best management and treatment options for your illness.

 3- Regular Medications

If you are on any regular medications for your pre-existing health conditions, please make our night doctors aware of this. Knowing about the type and dosage of your medications will highlight the clinical concerns about your pre-existing illness and will help our doctors to determine best treatment for your illness. Knowing about your regular medications also helps our after hours doctors to avoid any contraindications with other medicines.

 4- Allergy

If you have a recorded or known allergy, please ensure that you mention this to our night doctors. Allergies are important to determine nature of your illness and the possible treatment that you may get.

 5- Your Regular GP

Our night doctors will enquire information about your regular GP to complete our cycle of care that we provide to our patients. All patient treatment notes are sent to your regular GP within 48 hours of the consultation.

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