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Can a GP or Home Doctor Refuse to Visit You?

Home Doctors provide urgent home visits during the after-hours period. 1300 Dr To Me is an RACGP accredited after hours medical service providing home visits in Perth metropolitan. Our home doctors provide assessment, management and treatment for your illness. To book an appointment call 1300 37 86 63 and speak to our triage team to discuss the nature of your illness. We will then book for a doctor to visit you at your home and assist you with your medical condition. We give priority to children, and urgent medical conditions where applicable.

Although we cater to all patient calls, there are certain scenarios where we may not be able to visit or refuse to visit a patient’s house. Some of these scenarios are discussed below;

Can a GP refuse to do a Home Visit

Most GP clinics provide medical care during business hours in any given working period. Most GP clinics are also not open over the weekends or public holidays. The after hours home doctor teams assist the GP clinic community by covering medical care during the after-hours period on weekdays, weekends and public holidays. 

During business hours, you may request a home visit from your regular GP, however, it is noted that most GPs do not provide home visits and will generally schedule this to their medical deputising service.

Can a Home Doctor refuse to do a Home Visit

Home Doctors may refuse to conduct a home visit in the following scenarios;

  1. Patient’s Medical Condition is Urgent for Emergency – When a patient’s medical condition is assessed to be an emergency or urgent enough for the patient to go to the Emergency Department, home doctors may refuse a visit for the benefit of the patient’s health. Usually this is organised through our triage team or when the doctor calls you to discuss your illness.
  2. Home Doctor Team Safety – If our home doctor team foresees a threat to their personal safety, they will assess and may refuse to do a home visit. Such a threat may arise due to environmental constraints, societal constraints, or general health safety issues during a house visit. In all such circumstances, the patient is communicated and informed of the situation. If patient’s condition requires urgent management, and our doctors are unable to visit, we will then organise emergency care for the patient.
  3. Inaccessible Home or Out of Service Area – If a patient’s house is not accessible safely on standard road transport, we may not be able to provide a home visit. We also may not be able to visit if your home is outside our service coverage area. We determine our service coverage area based on our home doctor availability and accessibility to the areas. 
  4. Request for Schedule 8 Medications – If a patient is specifically requesting for Schedule 8 Restricted Medications and is unable to provide relevant supporting documentation for treatment. We will not provide a home visit in such circumstances as our strict policy on prescribing limits our doctor’s access to Schedule 8 medicines. Should the need be urgent for the patient without any supporting documentation, patient will be directed to emergency care.

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