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Updated 9th April 2020

Telehealth Appointments Now Available with After Hours Home Doctor

Telehealth appointments are now available for patients wanting to access medical services in the after-hours period. 

1300 Dr To Me – After Hours Home Doctor is now providing bulk-billed telehealth/telephone consultations to patients in Western Australia (metro and regional) during the after-hours period. 

The Commonwealth Government of Australia and Department of Health has expanded the telehealth services for all medical practitioners amidst the COVID-19 pandemic to help Australia over upcoming winter season. Demand for health services has increased significantly during the COVID-19 Pandemic and is expected to rise during the winter influenza season. 

“Amendments to Medicare are being implemented quickly, but also in a staged and proportionate way to ensure critical health services can continue to operate, and the integrity of our health system is maintained.” 

Telehealth After Hours Doctor

How is Eligible for Bulk-billed Telehealth Services?

All patients requested a bulk-billed telehealth service must have a valid Medicare or DVA Card.

Bulk-billed telehealth services are available to those patients who are currently in isolation, or under investigation for COVID-19. In addition to this, vulnerable Australians are also able to access bulk-billed telehealth services if they fall under on of the categories below;

    • aged at least 70 years old
    • Indigenous and aged at least 50 years old
    • pregnant
    • a parent of a child under 12 months
    • immune compromised.
    • have a chronic medical condition that results in increased risk from coronavirus infection.

What if I you are not eligible for a Bulk-billed Telehealth Service?

Telehealth has been included in the scope of services for our doctors to provide continuity of care to the WA community. For patients who are not eligible for a telehealth consult, patients can access a private telehealth consult.

1300 Dr To Me – After Hours Home Doctor continues to provide quality bulk-billed home visit services to its patients. Our doctors may be able to provide a home visit for eligible patients given our COVID-19 triage protocols are satisfied. Please speak to our call centre triage team and discuss your options for medical assistance.

How to Book a Telehealth Appointment?

To book a telehealth appointment, please call us on 1300 378 663. Speak with our friendly triage team and we will allocate a time for the doctor’s consult. 

Our doctors will call you on your preferred contact number and provide you with management & treatment options for your medical illness.

Information Required for a Telehealth Appointment

Before you book a telehealth appointment, please ensure you have all your details available as per below;

    • Full Legal Name
    • Date of Birth
    • Current Residential Address
    • Preferred Contact Number
    • Medicare/DVA Card Number
    • Regular GP Name & Location of Practice

Our doctors will ask you further information about your symptoms and medical history. To assist our doctors in providing you the best medical care, please ensure you provide comprehensive information about your symptoms. Where applicable, our doctors and staff may contact you to get additional information to assist with your consultation.

Tell us more

We appreciate feedback and experiences from our patients about how we provide our after hours medical service at home. If you would like to provide feedback, please contact our service via telephone on 08 9455 2922 or via email

Disclaimer: 1300 Dr To Me provides free health information blogs for the community to increase awareness on health & medical topics. The information in this article is educative and does not constitute diagnosis. Please consult a doctor, or request an urgent after hours GP visit should you or your children experience allergic symptoms.

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